Marine/RV section (ENG)

We are a distributor of unique water devices which we believe are a perfect application for the Marine Craft Industry.  Our devices have many benefits including changing the molecular structure of water allowing hydration to all cells within our bodies. We have demonstrated studies showing the molecular change under a microscope. These changes occur due to a replication of nature mimicking a free flowing stream creating a vortex similar to what happens as water traverses around a rock in a stream. This vortex changes the structure of water providing many unique benefits.

We immediately notice an improvement in the taste of water as well as a reduction in the consumption of water since we are thoroughly hydrated. We also notice an immediate effect while taking a shower. Some other applications include restructuring juices and even wines.  We also notice a difference in the growth rates of our indoor plants. We notice a reduction in calc in both our pipes and kettles. A final benefit includes providing a reduction of the damaging electromagnetic radiation created through wireless equipment utilizing our dynamically enhanced units. The energy field is neutralized utilizing this water in our home.  We provide a 90 day money back guarantee as well as a 20 year warranty as we use only high grade materials which have no moveable or breakable parts. We hope you enjoy our product! We will allow wholesale pricing providing a dealer profit margin from our published retail pricing on our manufacturers website.